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How Do I Sell My House In New Jersey Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your NJ House Fast.  Here’s How…

At We Buy Jersey Shore Houses LLC, we make selling your house as easy as possible by removing all of the costly middle people (think brokers, bankers, realtors… the list goes on and on) and being able to pay cash for your home quickly greatly reduces the complexity of a real estate transaction. Let’s break it down a little bit further…

How We Buy Houses…Explained.

We developed our 3-Step Process to make your experience selling your house in NJ as simple, smooth, and easy as possible.

Using our tried and true 3 step process, selling your New Jersey home for cash doesn’t have to be hard at all. Work directly with us and we will reduce all of the headaches. The simple steps below will get your home closer to being sold and out of your hair.

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“I don’t normally write these but Cody and his company were fantastic! I needed to sell my house so I could move and Cody made sure we closed on time. I would use again, if needed”

we buy houses nj reviewer 3 Debbie Robbinson [Belmar, NJ]

…It’s Really Just As Simple As

Okay, So We’ve Walked Through The Basic Process of How We Buy Houses in NJ…

But… something tells me you have a few other questions that might be making you feel anxious or nervous so let’s cover some additional topics that will be helpful for you to understand and will make you feel ready to take action and get rid of that problem property.

Are You Going to Give Me A Low-Ball Offer?

This is obviously our most asked question which makes perfect sense! You are probably thinking that you are going to get some ridiculously low offer because maybe you’ve heard stories from others, you’ve read articles or maybe you’ve already been in contact with another NJ Home Buyer and they provided you with some absurdly low number…

If any of these are you or maybe you’re just curious about how we calculate our offers – Don’t worry we’ve got you covered… we will explain this in two different ways: “Plain English” and “More Detail” (think: Math 😅) – Read whichever style you prefer and then move on to the next section.

Remember, It Is In Our Company’s Best Interest to Providing You With the Highest and Best Offer

How Do You Come Up With Your 100% Free Cash Offer? [Plain English]

Let’s talk about the Cash Offer – When we buy your NJ home, we typically are going to do two things with it: We’re either going to flip it (think: HGTV show) or we’re going to fix it up and rent it out to provide quality housing in our community.

So… what does that have to do with your offer?

Because we have a couple of options on a profitable way to improve the home available to us, it gives us the ability to offer you a better price for your home. If we only did flips or only did rentals then we would be stuck if your home didn’t work for that specific style of investing.

Can you tell me more about how you will come up with the price?

Absolutely! So as an example, if we were going to flip your property, we would look at what similar homes in your area are selling for after they have been fixed up with similar finishes to what we plan to do (think: recessed lighting, hardwood floors, granite countertops, etc.) and then we would factor in things like our cost to fix up the home, selling costs, and our desired profit for doing all of the work to reach a fair price to offer you for the property.

Okay, that makes sense…

If you need more information, feel free to keep reading the next section or you can scroll down to the fill out the form 🙂.

How Do You Come Up With Your 100% Free Cash Offer? [More Detail]

Let’s talk about how we come up with your cash offer in more detail. So let’s take a look at how your cash offer is calculated and then I will tell you a story…

[Cash Offer Price] = [ARV] – [RC] – [SC] – [DP]


Now that we have an understanding of how your offer is calculated let us define a couple of things to make this easier to understand.

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the amount that your property will be worth after we buy it and fix it up.

Rehab Cost (RC): This is the amount that it will cost to repair and upgrade the home (think: labor, materials, etc.)

Selling Cost (SC): The amount of of money it will cost to sell the house once fixed up (think: agent fees, closing costs, etc.)

Desired Profit (DP): This is the amount of money that we need to make per transaction to justify the risk being taken and keep the lights on.

Cash Offer Price: The is the amount that you will receive from us in your 100% Free Cash Offer.


Let me tell you a story using some of the knowledge that we just learned

Using Your After Repair Value (ARV) to Calculate Your Cash Offer

I have a story for you about a seller friend, Debbie, and how this will work in real life...

Debbie wants to sell her Belmar house to us because she needs to move into assisted living. She is stressed out because she needs to sell her house fast and searches “We Buy Houses Belmar NJ” because she understands that We Buy Houses companies buy properties, even when they need a bunch of repairs like hers, and they will pay cash and close quickly.

This is what Debbie sees…

we buy houses NJ example search

Debbie understands that Google knows a quality website & business when it sees one and clicks the link and fills out the form because she needs to get out of this stressful situation and wants a professional NJ home buying company to help her…

how do I sell my house in nj filled form example

Debbie sets up an appointment with the local NJ home buying company. They come out and take a look at the property, so they can provide her with a 100% Free Cash Offer.

The local NJ home buying company notices that Debbie’s property needs A LOT of work… in fact, it might look something like this when the local NJ home buyers come to take a look…

How Do You Sell Your House Walkthrough NJ | We Buy Houses NJ | Sell My House Fast NJ

Now that we see the condition of the property and have an understanding of what needs to be done we can come up with the Rehab Costs (RC):

This type of work is typically all done behind the scenes but we just wanted to provide an example of how this looks so you can understand how we come up with these RCs. In our story, the Rehab Costs will be $100k since Debbie’s house needs a bit of work.

So… what’s next?

We would use comparable sales to determine what the property would sell for after we fix it up. Debbie’s neighbor, Will sold his house recently for $600k but his house had quartz countertops, new floors, stainless steel appliances, etc.

We can assume that if we were to do the same level of upgrades and had a similar condition, that we could buy Debbie’s house and sell it for the same price…

So assuming 10% in Selling Costs and a Desired Profit of $50k since this is going to be a bit of work to complete, we can now take a look at the math to determine what Debbie’s Cash Offer would look like…

$600k [ARV] – ($600k * 10% = $60k) [Selling Costs] – $100k [Rehab Costs] – $50k [Desired Profit] = $390k [Cash Offer Price]

Not too shabby for Debbie!

In our story, Debbie would walk away with $400k for her home, do no repairs and not even have to clean the place! Now, Debbie feels great about her situation and can move on with her life care-free.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to walk through a few multi-family homes with Cody and his team. They wore masks and took safety precautions. Throughout the walkthrough, Cody was able to answer my questions, and when I had questions later he answered them quickly via email. Cody was knowledgeable, and he has a lot of information about comparable homes in the area. Ultimately, with the help of Cody, I was able to make an informed decision. I look forward to continuing to work with this group.”

sell my house fast nj reviewer 2-25 Erin Posbergh [Belmar, NJ]

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