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Sell Your Jersey Shore House Without a Realtor, As-Is, For Cash 100% Free


We buy houses in any condition. No realtors, no fees, no commissions, no repairs & no need to clean. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!

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We Buy Houses in New Jersey

Sell Your House In New Jersey and Pay No Agent Fees, Repair Costs, or Cleaning Fees. Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works!

We buy houses in New Jersey fast and in any condition. We Buy Jersey Shore Houses LLC is a serious home buyer that makes it easy to get a cash offer and sell your house fast! If you’re looking for top dollar for your house, a creative offer may work even better. We make competitive offers so we can get as many houses as possible!

Once we buy properties from our sellers, we then renovate them (so you don’t have to) to either flip them (think: HGTV) or hold them as rental properties.

“Cody worked hard to get our deal done within the timeframe I requested. Very appreciative of all his efforts”

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A Legitimate Home Buying
Company That You Can Trust…

I want to help you. I’m sure that whatever reason brought you here isn’t pretty, but together we can work to get rid of that problem property and find a solution that works for you and your family.

My company, We Buy Jersey Shore Houses LLC, is here to provide you with a way out of whatever sticky situation life has given you. We pride ourselves on the way we treat our clients, especially in tough times like these, and helping them to reduce the stress and headaches that a property can cause in their lives.


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No Cleaning. No Repairs. No Agents. No Fees.

Why stress yourself out with cleaning and repairs? Why pay commissions and closing costs if you don’t have to?

There’s a better way to sell! Get a cash offer from us today!

No Matter The Problem, We Can Buy Your House!

We understand the challenges that property owners are facing right now – Whether that’s not being able to continue to afford your home due to a loss of work or relocation, your mortgage is in forbearance due to COVID-19, higher property taxes are pushing you out of your home, ludicrous flood insurance rates that have you feeling like you’re already underwater, or even just expensive repairs and maintenance that you can’t afford to invest in at this point in time – We get it.

NJ Home Buyers Tenants Won’t Leave or Stopped Paying

Unpaid Taxes

Live Out of State From the House

Going Through A Divorce

Inherited a Property

Expensive or Costly Repairs

Relocation Due to Job/Family

House Won’t Sell on the Market

We are no strangers to these circumstances and have helped many home and property owners through these difficult challenges so that they could ditch the headaches and get on with their life… these moments are WHY we do it.

Get Cash For Your NJ House & Fast!


We Buy Houses In Cash, no matter what repairs it needs. Remember, we are flippers and rental property owners. The uglier it looks, the more excited we get!


We can buy your New Jersey house quickly no matter what nasty situation you may be facing. Tenants won’t leave, underwater on your mortgage, moved out of state … it doesn’t matter. It costs you nothing to see what we have to offer!

How Do I Sell My House Fast in NJ?

We developed our 3-Step Process to make your experience as simple, smooth, and easy as possible.

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 Visit the How It Works Page

Learn how easy our home buying process really is!

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Learn About Our Company

You’re not going to work with just anyone, so get to know us a little better!

  Get Your Free Cash Offer!

Fill out any of our forms and receive your cash offer – It’s that easy!

“If you’re serious about selling your house quickly, Cody will definitely make the whole process as easy as possible from start to finish. He was genuine, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. Give we buy Jersey Shore houses a call and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

Rob Rodrigues [Ocean Grove, NJ]

We Are Local Jersey Shore Home Buyers

We actually invest AND own property at the Jersey Shore. We have done transactions that required repairs ranging from large-scale renovations to just a simple touch-up at our properties locally and genuinely understand how YOUR market works. We have an intimate knowledge of the NJ shore towns and their specific real estate markets. It is these resources that give us the ability to provide you with an accurate and higher quality offer.

Why Work With We Buy Jersey Jersey Houses LLC?

No matter what your situation or timeline, we are committed to providing you with an amazing experience. If you choose to work with us, you can expect all the following:

Local Knowledge

Work with a company that understands YOUR market intimately and isn’t just guessing.

Best In-Class Customer Service

We pride ourselves on giving you the best experience in the industry. Period.

Genuine Interest In You, the “Seller”

We are not just interested in buying your home, we’re interested in making sure that our offer solves your problem.


We approach all of our transactions the same, with honesty and integrity and you will always know where we stand.

No Agents, No Commissions.

Agent commissions can cost you thousands. We process all of our transactions without Agents which saves you money big time.

Leave it, As-Is.

We actually buy houses, as-is which means no costly or stressful repairs for you.

Let’s Start Working Together Today

As we have outlined, We Buy Jersey Shore Houses LLC is the clear choice in Local NJ Home Buying companies. We strive to provide you with the highest quality offer that we can as well as best-in-class customer service. Fill out the form on this page now to start the process of removing that problem property from your life. If you’re still curious about our process, keep reading on our How It Works page to have a crystal clear picture of what we do before you fill out our form and begin working with us. Remember, we are here to help you. Don’t delay in getting free of your current situation and getting your 100% Free Cash Offer today.