We’re Lexi and Cody, People Just Like You.

When Lexi and I started dating (a long time ago…), I can vividly remember watching HGTV on a regular basis when we would hang out (the logo was literally burnt into her old TV in the corner ). I had never really thought about Real Estate as a business but I remember being ultra-opinionated on how they fixed those houses up… trust me, at the time I had no idea what I was talking about 🤔.

Sell Your House Fast NJ to Legitimate House BuyersEither way, we both went on our way to finish up our degrees from good state schools financed through loans, full and part-time jobs and some “sweat” we both graduated and got jobs working in our respective fields (mine was Accounting, hers was in Project Management).

After working hard in our careers for a few years, we looked at each other and thought, “There has to be a better way to spend our time rather than just working for someone else…”

It was in that moment of uncertainty when we searched for a solution – and we found Real Estate.

We’ll be completely honest, we started this business for the following reasons:

  • Time Freedom From A Job
  • Financial Freedom From A Job
  • Flexibility To Travel and Financial Security For Our Family

What we receive from this business every day is so much more:

  • The Opportunity to Help Those In A Bad Situation
  • The Pleasure of Establishing Working Relationships With Good and Honest People
  • The Ability to Add Value to Our Clients, Community, and Other Organizations That Help Those In Need

What Do We Do With The NJ Homes That We Buy?

Well, typically Lexi and I will purchase homes in areas that we like – we’re obviously very fond of the Jersey Shore areas. Lexi and I are both native to New Jersey and grew up “Local”. Once we close, most of the time we will do one of two things – Fix a distressed home and rent it out, or Fix and “Flip” the home (think back to the “HGTV” reference above).

If the home doesn’t fit our criteria or the numbers won’t work for us, we may work with another investor (maybe a better fit for the Seller’s price) and assign our right to the contract so we can still close to help our client (that’s you by the way) – which is the main reason you’re even reading this.

Whatever the case may be – just know that we’re honest and hard-working people who want to help you… And I know, I know – You’ve heard that a lot if you’ve been on any number of these sites but I assure you that we’re different. We’re genuine, easy to talk to and we’re open to listening to whatever is going on in your life to help you find a great solution that works for you – not just for us.

We sincerely hope that will consider working with us – If you do, we will work our hardest to get you the maximum offer that fits our criteria and that fits your specific scenario for your NJ house or we might even just be able to present you with some other options that will work better for you regardless of us doing business.

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to reach out – Call Us at (732) 456-7580 or Fill Out The Short Form. If you’re still unsure, check out our Free Guide Below which may give you some additional insight to working with us at We Buy Jersey Shore Houses LLC or one of our competitors.


Talk soon and thank you for your time

Cody and Lexis

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